covid data

Every hour, scrapes MDOC’s COVID-19 Information and Updates webpage for updates to the two covid data documents. The second page of the Q&A document contains data on positive and negative test results for incarcerated people and MDOC staff. The confirmed cases document is a single page table recording the total confirmed cases and active cases per MDOC facility. When an update to the pdf is detected, the pdf is uploaded to documentcloud, the data is extracted from the pdfs and entered into an Airtable base, and @botfeldman89 tweets out content with a link. After manually confirming the data was extracted correctly, the csv files in mdoc_scraper/output and the charts below are updated.

confirmed cases per facillity

testing at mdoc

daily email

Every morning at 9a.m. CST, @botfeldman89 sends an email to interested persons using @IFTTT webhooks & there‘s room for ~20 additional email recipients. If you’d like to get the email & would be willing to reply to the email if you spot an issue/error, DM or email me, and it’s done. Here is a sample email for your consideration.

jail population

see the jail-data page for trends in jail admissions and population since February 2020.


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selected reporting and analysis

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